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Hoy Milonga, all you need to know about milongas in Buenos Aires

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Since Buenos Aires rhymes with tango, let's be ready! Hoy Milonga is the best platform to know where to go out in milongas in Buenos Aires. It lists all the milongas that take place every day, with for each the necessary information such as addresses, timetables, means of transport to get there, if lessons are given before the start of the balls, and so on.

Be confident, all the information on this new milonga that you want to discover is there. Same if you want to check that the milonga you plan to attend is taking place tonight, or if it is canceled. The platform is responsive and you will find up-to-date information!

During your stay in Buenos Aires, Hoy Milonga becomes that application that you open every day to find your way through all those milongas that you hear about and that we recommend you. While you can quickly no longer know where to look, Hoy Milonga provides you with the logistical elements to organize your evenings as well as possible and facilitate certain choices. The course given before the milonga can for instance be the thing that makes a difference.

My advice, download the Hoy Milonga Club app on your smartphone or go to the website The app costs 1.99 per month, but there's a plus: available only on the app are promo codes for milongas, classes, Malvón Tango clothes and tango shoes. Go, go, go!

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