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Fulana Shoes

Comfortable, supportive and beautiful tango footwear.

Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with the Fulana flat tango shoes and boots!

The split-leather sole offer the flexibility you need to lead with confidence, practice with ease, or simply rest your feet after a long day in heels.

Whether you're a professional dancer or a lover of the genre, Fulana shoes are designed to enhance your experience in your tango journey.

Each pair is handmade with care in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail in every step.

We are proud to offer quality shoes that empower women to feel confident and comfortable on and off the dance floor. 

Welcome! We are glad to have you here.

In this video, Manuela Rossi, 2014 world champion tango escenario category, trains with her Fulana tango shoes.

If your size is not available on this page, please contact us for ordering.

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