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About Us

From the first sketch to tailoring, Malvón tango dresses are imagined and designed to dance Argentinian tango. With elegance, quality, comfort and a dazzling note, welcome to the Malvón world!

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Malvón is a French brand born from the love of travel, Argentinian tango and the art of dressing to dance. Spending time in the milongas of Buenos Aires and meeting its dancers reinforced that Argentinian influence in Malvón tango dresses. Malvón offers a complete collection of tango dresses, skirts and tops for dancing. The entire collection is designed to combine poetry and comfort in one dress.

Malvón dresses are designed by a 100% feminine creative team. Each piece comes from the know-how of our small team with a very human scale. Recognized for its know-how and the refinement of its tango dresses, Malvón takes a particular care in the choice and quality of its fabrics and the meticulous making of each of its pieces. It is by combining sensuality, know-how and comfort that we create each of our tango dresses.

At Malvón, we like...         

  • Floral patterns 🌸, printed, embroidered or lace, and to combine them with beautiful solid-color fabrics.

  • The underlined waist and the highlight of the silhouette.

  • Dress length just below the knees.

  • Embroidered tulle and sequins for a touch of dazzle.

  • The comfort and aesthetics of the garment by combining stretch and quality materials.

  • Produced in small quantities for more exclusivity!

Our style line in a few words: #floral #poetic #vibrant #sensual.

Adopted by tangueras around the world, Malvón tango dresses accompany you in these magical tango moments. Dresses for tango dancing but not only ... Malvón dresses are ideal for parties, cocktails, to go on a date, to celebrate a special occasion. To wear without moderation for your favorite night out, with the comfort of a dress made for dancing. Tango dancers know it, we love these dresses that we wear to tango and on many others occasions.

Malvón, it’s already six years of tango dresses and the joy of sharing its creations with you. We feel very grateful to everyone we dress and who permits Malvón to exist, it is thanks to you that the Malvón tango dresses continue to flourish.

Where to find us

Where to find us

We are in France: Paris, Lyon, Tours and Marseille. 

Welcome to our Showrooms for a personalized shopping moment.

By appointment only.


We will send you the addresses of the Showrooms by email, get in touch with us!

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