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The Glorieta of Belgrano, beautiful and mysterious

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The Glorieta of Belgrano is an open-air milonga, held in the charming kiosk in the pretty Barrancas Park in Buenos Aires. It was my place to go dancing on a whim when I wanted to. Fifteen minutes of walk and I was there. What a luxury!

The Glorieta is a neighborhood milonga. It is while walking through the alleys of the park that we perceive the kiosk and its blue lights, as well as the sweet melody of the tangos which follow one another. Many of us already know this feeling, that of letting our footsteps guide us towards the music that gets a little closer, a little louder. Here we are.

A few steps lead us to the runway, and if we stand next to the stairs our gaze is just above the stage. The ground is smooth, we can see the steps of the dancers taking shape before disappearing. More steps, and the ball turns like a merry-go-round before our eyes. A few passers-by stop. A curious look, or a call to sit down and contemplate.

It is a milonga to go dancing on weekdays and weekends in a friendly atmosphere. Take a look at to make sure the milonga is happening at the Glorieta, put on your Malvón Tango dress, and go!

The Glorieta of Belgrano meant something special to me, a milonga “de mi barrio”. I would go dancing there all nights, sometimes sharing “un mate”. Or spend the time there for a tanda, a parenthesis before moving to other horizons. This is also Buenos Aires, having the tango at your fingertips around the corner, and feeling its presence and that it is part of life.

In these photos, it's me, one of those nights when my footsteps were once again drawn into the Glorieta of Belgrano.


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