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At Malvón we offer the realization of Tailor-Made and Custom-Made tango dresses.


You can decide to add sleeves to your dress, a slit on its skirt, change its length, close the back of the dress, etc. You also choose the fabrics you want.

To do this, please contact us by telling us:

  • Your favorite tango dresses

  • Your chest-waist-hips measurements, your height, and a full-length photo

  • The colors and patterns you want

We have a great experience in making tailor-made tango dresses. The availability of the fabrics we have in stock changes, but trust us we will always do our best to satisfy your request 🧵💙

For the making of your tailor-made and customized tango dress count an additional of 30€. And a delay of maximum 3 months that we will confirm to you when you order.

Please add the Tailor-Made & Custom-Made item to your order if you want this unique tango dress made especially for you. You’ll find this item here.


Please confact us here to order your 

tailor-made tango dress.

Thank you for your message

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