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La Maleva - Tango hotel & Studio, so charming

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

La Maleva belongs to the famous and adorable tango dancer Mariana Dragone. I had the privilege to work with her for our first Malvón Tango dresses photo shoot. Such a pleasure! The photos are available on I personally admire the sensitivity and the technique Mariana has as a tango dancer and that’s how I arrived to La Maleva. It was time for my tango lesson. I quickly felt at ease and comfortable in this big house where a welcome “mate” was waiting for us.

The house features all the regular parts of a home, as well as four superbly decorated guest rooms, three handsome suites and a rooftop terrace with a sun deck, a hammock and a “parrilla” (bbq). As you can guess, this house isn’t any house, it’s a tango hotel with a beautiful and spacious dance studio fully equipped with a long floor-to-ceiling mirror, a stereo system and a large variety of music.

The spirit of La Maleva is that of a home rather than a hotel. The spaces are created so you might indulge a quiet moment to yourself. “Un mate” in the kitchen, dancing in the Studio, and late-night conversations about the intricacies of Argentinian culture were regularly happening there. La Maleva enjoys the idea of a life shared among friends.

I truly recommend La Maleva for memorable stays, with a comfy home feeling as you experience the magic and adventures that Buenos Aires holds for you.

La Maleva offers a variety of popular tango classes and events throughout the year. Every day you have the opportunity to learn from wonderful and talented tango teachers through classes and guided practices. La Maleva is well known for connecting with fellow travelers and dancers. At night, enjoy performances by some of the most talented local musicians. Whether you are interested in perfecting your dance technique or just looking for a place “buena onda” to connect and socialize, you can expect to be welcomed by the friendly community at La Maleva.

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