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  • An incredible lace back for the Malena tango dress. You decided it for us, this dress is the Malvón hit. We love it for its beautiful halter, its flowing skirt, its small sleeves, and this pretty bow to tie in the back ... The Malena dress is romantic! The top of the dress is in embroidered lace, lined on the front and with a nice outlined design for its halter. The skirt is in crepe. What we love .. dancing the tango waltz and feeling the skirt twirl with us. Sensation guaranteed!


    The Malena tango dress also exists in black. We invite you to contact us here if interested.


    All our fabrics are stretch and accompany you in the expression of your tango with the comfort of a dress designed for dancing.


    Composition: white embroidered lace with white inner lining, baby pink crepe


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