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  • Have you ever dreamed of an all-lace dress? The Meli tango dress is for you. Made with embroidered floral lace, the Meli design enhance the waist and dresses you with sensuality.  Tie the straps to adjust them around your neck and feel the fluidity and the comfort of the Meli tango dress. Note the delicacy of its embroidered flowers, the Meli tango dress is subtle and floral to illuminate the milongas’ track.


    The Meli tango dress exists in many colors. It is available in ivory, black, red, blue and pink. We invite you to contact us here for more information on the Meli dress with red or blue lace.


    All our fabrics are stretch and accompany you in the expression of your tango with the comfort of a dress designed for dancing.


    Composition: baby pink embroidered lace. The dress is doble-layer fabric with white microfiber.

    Meli Tiza

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